Sexual Abuse

  • Tried to kiss or touch the victim
  • Forced sexual intercourse”Tried to have sex or insert penis into vagina, anus, mouth”
  • Abusers touched women’s genitals with their mouth
  • Forced women to orally stimulate their genitals
  • Woman forced to watch pornography
  • Woman forced to act out pornography
  • Abuser put objects into the woman’s vagina
  • Abuser forced victim to insert foreign objects into vagina
  • Forced to be sexual with another person
  • Forced to prostitute by the abuser

Physical Abuse

  • Pushed or shoved 
  • Slapped/hit 
  • Arm twisted 
  • Thrown object at the woman 
  • Punched with a fist
  • Kicked 
  • Hair pulled
  • Hit with an object “Choked, strangled, suffocated” 
    Knife or gun used to threaten or hurt the woman
  • Children or family members hurt
  • Deliberately burnt of scalded

Emotional Abuse

  • Humiliates in front of others
  • Threatens with harm
  • Prevents communication with others
  • Limits movements outside the house
  • Threatens to kill woman
  • Calls woman crazy/possessed
  • Threats to damage belongings or harm pets
  • Threats to harm children or family
  • Threatens to kill children
  • Threats by abuser to commit suicide 

Economic Abuse

  • Money taken from her purse without consent
  • Prevented from access to or knowledge of family income
  • Forced to hand over money
  • Prevented from earning an income
  • Forced to be a main breadwinner
  • Forced to ask for money


Abuse case is a specification model for security requirements used in the software development industry. The term Abuse Case is an adaptation of use case. The term was introduced by John McDermott and Chris Fox in 1999, while working at Computer Science Department of the James Madison University.

A complete abuse case defines an interaction between an actor and the system that results in harm to a resource associated with one of the actors, one of the stakeholders, or the system itself.

Abuse cases are most commonly used in the field of security requirements elicitation. Most of these types of abuse takes place in the victim’s home/place.

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