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Bail Applications
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Opposed or Unopposed
Protection Orders
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Winding up of Estates
Registration of Trusts


Drafting of Contract
Employment Agreements
Policies and Procedures
Employment Advice
Unfair Labour Practices
Mediation at CCMA or Bargaining Councils


Landlord & Tenant Disputes
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Evictions and Rental Claims
Accident Claims
Contractual Disputes
Consumer Protection Act
TMN Kgomo and Associates Incorporated

The firm provides excellent service and results, to finalize matters expeditiously and to communicate effectively with our clients. We offer professional and personalized services to a wide spectrum of clients.


Dispute Resolution

In life, not everything goes according to script and it’s at those times when you need the best legal advice for your individual needs. we strive to provide a high level of legal advice to pre-empt any legal dispute you may encounter and to resolve any dispute at an early stage to reach the best possible outcome and avoid the high costs of litigation.


Contract Law

We believe that a good contract is the backbone of a good relationship. Our firm ensures that the contracts we draft are of exceptional quality and up to date with current legislation. We also draft contracts to suit your individual needs and requirements further maintaining our dynamic approach to contract law.

Labour Law

In South Africa’s current employment climate you need to ensure that you have the best labour advice at a moment’s notice at your disposal. We understand how important it is to be employed and to be in a working environment that is productive to you and we will always ensure that your labour rights are enforced and protected at all times.

Family Law

Family law is a diverse and dynamic area in South Africa and you need to make sure that you are dealing with a firm that can adapt to the diversities faced in our country. We believe that we have the expertise to cover all aspects relating to Family Law to ensure that you receive specialised advice to suit your individual requirements.

Criminal Law

African criminal law is the body of national law relating to crime in South Africa. A crime is “conduct which common or statute law prohibits and expressly or impliedly subjects to punishment remissible by the state alone and which the offender cannot avoid by his own act once he has been convicted.Crime involves the infliction of harm against society. The function or object of criminal law is to provide a social mechanism with which to coerce members of society to abstain from conduct that is harmful to the interests of society.

Mr. Vusmuzi Nsibande
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